Understand Your Lead Nurturing Process

Posted by Inas Hafez on Dec 27, 2020 11:54:52 AM
Inas Hafez

Your Lead Nurturing process is comprised of the following 4 elements. 

  • Onboarding sequence
  • Segmentations
  • Messaging Chatbots
  • Retargeting

Onboarding sequence

 You present yourself, your team and your products or services and proceed by saying how your businesses already helped many businesses with for instance pointing out to a case study or  a white paper on a landing page that contains a clear CTA. Once your users has visited that page, and consumed the content as you planned it, you can send them to another piece of your  best online content e..g some great blog post or video content.

You can use any of the free or paid tools to do that e..g Drip, ActiveCampaign ..ClickFunnels, Leadsbridge  and of of course your want your sequence to start immediately and automatically, as soon as the lead registers from any kind of source. Sources can be anywhere you collect leads from be that Facebook leads ad..webinar signup form, landing page, and in order to do that you need to sync your data collection form to a CRM that ties in with your sequence and you can do that of course through HubSpot free to use software.

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The second step is to segment your leads, and this is because segmented email marketing campaigns score on average 14% higher open rate compared to non segmented campaigns . Remember..not all your leads are sales-ready, nor will they have the same business issues or buying behaviors.  So you can segment your leads based on how they behave on a website by using tracking pixels for example, or based on the information you have on them on the CRM. So a few examples could be create a segment for those interested in one product/service and then nurture the lead by content relevant to this particular product or service, in ecommerce this could be abandon cart use case e.g.  Another popular source now is webinars so nurture leads who attended a marketing automation webinar e..g with free trial software email shot with the thank you for attending email. Or this can based on the lead score value over time..so when your lead score reaches x you send relevant sequence.

Messaging Chatbots

Chatbots can be used for nurturing workflows e..g welcoming new leads, segmenting them based on their interest, sending webinars reminders. A good service is ManyChat for example and there are many good ones, the important thing is that is integrates with your CRM. And of course you can create all that on Hubspot.


And then keep on targeting your lead with popular form of content..short video messaging, to give a powerful human touch and it does make a difference  you could also use retargeting techniques.

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