Levelling Up Your Google Ads Optimization Score…Does It Make All the Difference?

Posted by Shereen El Ameer on May 17, 2021 1:44:20 PM

Before rushing to insights into optimizing your account on the widely used online advertising platform, let’s refresh our information about the whole process.

Google Ads is an advertising product, which allows you to promote your product or service to users on Google and partner websites. To estimate how well your account is performing, Google has released a metric featuring an ‘optimization score’, which provides a scale ranging from 0% to 100% as the maximum achievement.

How does it work?

Organization is the secret of a well-structured Google Ads account in order to avoid the pop-up of several issues, including lower quality scores and higher costs associated to irrelevant clicks. That’s why some users are not happy with the results of their campaigns, although Google Ads has helped a huge number of advertisers easily reach a wide base of new customers and expand rapidly.

Do you have the time and efforts to look after every single ad? Do you feel disappointed by the results of your campaigns?

That can simply explain one of the reasons for the importance of monitoring the optimization score. When you launch your campaign, Google’s algorithms calculate your baseline score; thanks to machine learning, which analyzes your data, provides the optimization score, and promotes personalized recommendations. Based on the results, Google provides the recommendations for the improvement of your score, which help you design better ads meeting the goals, which you have set in your account. Meanwhile, they offer opportunities for improving click-through-rate (CTR) and conversion rate.

Do you need to apply all recommendations?

You should consider all aspects before applying Google recommendations. Scoring 70% does not necessarily mean that the performance of your account is poor. You may just need to enhance smart bidding or new ads coverage. On another side, you may need to suspend activating smart bidding for a budget limit or focus on the recommendations, which are easy for your business to apply. You can check the full list of Google Ads recommendations to decide how to benefit from to boost your account performance.

Is it that important?

You can consider it the backbone of your pay-per-click campaign; if you are looking for much return on advertising spend (ROAS). In addition, monitoring your campaigns manually consumes a lot of time and efforts and does not provide accurate results or valuable recommendations. Contrary to that method, Google Ads optimization score helps you automatically identify the weaknesses of your account, track your progress and apply recommendations. However, you need to make sure that you are striving for the improvement of your campaigns’ performance not for achieving the highest score in Google Ads optimization. You should consider all success factors and useful tools to drive quality performance, profitability and operational effectiveness.