How to run a successful Inbound Marketing Campaign on Social Media

Posted by Nagham Noor on Oct 18, 2020 3:37:18 PM
Nagham Noor
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To do inbound marketing the right way, your audience needs to have exactly the right content for them delivered at exactly the right time, and what better way to do that other than using social media to do that.

Social media is a great tool to leverage so you can easily interact with prospects and gradually turn them into loyal customers who share your message and values.

Not only that, most people think that social media can only be used in the first stage of inbound marketing, which is the attract phase. But the truth is that Social media works perfectly in all four stages of inbound marketing.

That’s why today we’ll tell you the steps for a fail-proof inbound marketing campaign on social media.

  • Identify the right audience

In order to know where your audience hangs out you have to first find out who they are. You have to figure out your target persona and get to know it well, because that, in turn, will help you know exactly the right content for them and where exactly should you offer said content to them, and most importantly, when!

Targeting is everything, if you know the right people, the right time and place, then you have the basis for success.

  • Set your goals the right way

A mistake that so many fall into when they’re just starting out is setting utterly unrealistic goals for their businesses, and inevitably fail and feel extremely discouraged.

SMART goals are the way to go with anything but especially with your inbound marketing campaign, they’ll help you get tangible results you can see and be proud to share with the world.

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  • Create your offer(s) + landing pages.

Now that we’re in the middle of things and engaging people, in order to turn them into leads, they need to see an offer and visit a landing page.

That is why creating a landing page that supports your business directly and aims to primarily turn visitors into leads is something essential for you to create and share wherever you can on social media.

  • Write a blog post.

Diversifying the type of content you share on social media keeps your audience refreshed and craving more. That’s why incorporating a helpful and informative blog is an amazing tool. Not only that it also helps widen the scope of where your audience is coming from. So it’s not just social media.

  • Share it on social media.

It goes without saying that every type of content you create for your audience needs to be shared on social media, that includes blogs and offers. This leads to driving traffic into the top of your funnel, and it also introduces those who know you from one channel to your other channels.

To make it easier on yourself, create a checklist at the start of your campaign in order to complete all your tasks. And definitely don’t forget your SMART goals, they will be the driver to your success.

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