How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Digital Marketing Landscape

Posted by Shereen El Ameer on Jul 28, 2021 11:39:03 AM

 Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computerized technique based on the production of intelligent machines, which respond and perform tasks like humans. It is capable of performing highly technical and specialized tasks like robotics, speech and image recognition, natural language processing and problem-solving. Meanwhile, it can be used in advanced research and development areas; thanks to the huge growth in computer science.

Despite the concerns over robots’ replacement of humans over the last few years, their availability during the shutdowns associated with the outbreak of covid-19 worldwide has assisted a huge number of facilities to maintain productivity. For instance, in consumer goods sector, robots have minimized the impact of workforce downsizing and maintained social distancing restrictions. Furthermore, there has been an increasing demand for medical robots especially after the widespread of the covid-19 pandemic as they can help physicians avoid serious interactions between different prescriptions and can remotely monitor patients. They can help your hospital staff disinfect rooms, measure temperatures, and deliver food to patients. 

What about its impact on digital marketing?

Every day, if not every second, the digital marketing landscape seems to be changing. Every minute, algorithms and methodologies shift to another trend. The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) has of course led the revolution as new technologies are making digital marketers’ work much easier. Moreover, we may anticipate that future breakthroughs will improve the AI tools and systems, which are currently in use. To put it another way, artificial intelligence is just getting better.

Through the following simple actions, it is transforming digital techniques:

  1. Data assortment
  2. Assessment of gathered data
  3. Application of the collected data



The least, which AI can offer to a business, is conversational chatbots. They help brands identify which client segments should be added or crossed out from the marketing campaigns. They play a crucial role in supporting your customers 24/7 with different time zones. Due to the huge development witnessed by the industry, applying AI to the digital world is not just based on the simple algorithms that produce pre-programmed responses and prefabricated words, but rather sophisticated bots that reply to what your consumers are genuinely asking. To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, particularly in the social media nowadays, you need to reply to users, filter comments, and respond promptly to reviews. Also, you should be courteous and helpful, even if the feedback is negative. Adding to its impacts on digital marketing, AI-powered social listening tools can detect brand mentions on the internet and inform you of what customers are saying about your business. That of course helps you understand your customer behavior for more successful marketing strategies.


To ensure that the proper individuals reach your brand, a solid SEO strategy is essential. The optimization of the appropriate page not only drives traffic to your website, but it also engages users and improves conversion rates. Using AI in SEO assists in automating processes and speeding up response time. It helps in producing accurate trend line predictions and preventing spam and fraud. That is very important for businesses operating in the e-commerce sector, which is booming worldwide.


It is reasonable to conclude that AI can assist in having a greater impact on digital marketing and SEO in general. The world is heavily shifting to online presence and businesses are increasingly investing in digital transformation. As a result, using AI, machine learning and automation solutions currently overcomes the manually operated operations and improves overall efficiency.


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