How a CRM can revolutionize your real estate business

Posted by Inas Hafez on Mar 4, 2021 2:08:06 PM
Inas Hafez

How a CRM can revolutionize your real estate business

How many of us out there wouldn’t pick up a phone call of an unsaved number before checking TrueCaller first, or simply not answer the phone altogether! You don’t wish to disappoint an enthusiastic sales person in real estate, who is doing his job the way he was taught. Most realtors are still using certain classic methods used in the Real Estate industry for decades, like cold calling, manually filling out spread sheets of prospects or obtaining a large list from a telecom provider. Time is money and you should spend it wisely by improving efficiency and introducing cost saving measures. Firstly, start by adopting a CRM for your business.


Do you need a CRM for your real estate business and how to choose the right one ?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management , a good CRM is a system that keeps all your prospects, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), until deal closure. This is your rich repository of historical data you can base your forecast on, for example Customer Acquisition Cost, ROI, Return on Ad Spend and many more insightful metrics to help you plan and forecast your business growth efficiently. 

Check out our top picks Using a CRM software as your single source of truth for prospect and lead information, allows you to nurture  relationships and make data-driven decisions. For real estate agents, a CRM is an essential tool for managing a healthy pipeline in a way that saves time and brain power.

How can a CRM benefit realtors?

Most realtors work around the clock; many prefer working on weekends and after hours to conventional working hours – this also means, your agents might not be available to respond to inquiries in the mornings or week days as a result. A CRM can help you manage the chaos more effectively and  serves as an online database to help you manage your contacts and save precious time on manual data entry and client activity tracking.

Your Guide To CRM

6 key features a CRM offers to  make your  real estate agents more productive

  1. Organize prospect and lead information, making it easy to find (no more navigating complex spreadsheets).
  2. Respond to sales inquiries timely and efficiently.
  3. Find out if your prospects are sales-ready, by keeping a log history of contact interaction, e.g. which prospects you've reached out to and which ones are at the window shopping stage of the buying journey. 
  4. Manage your sales pipeline in one place and keep track of closings.
  5. Maintain contact with past clients for relationship management and future referrals.
  6.  Automate tasks such as email follow-ups, while monitoring email activity open/move to spam/delete without open, etc.



 What are the top CRM software for Real Estate

  1. Pipedrive
  2. HubSpot (free up to 1000 contacts)
  3. Pipedrive (free up to 500 contacts)
  4. Contactually.
  5. Wise Agent.
  6. Propertybase. ...
  7. Zendesk 
  8. Zoho 
  9. Real Geeks. ...
  10. CINC.

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